In 2015 I bought a new Searay Sundancer 330 from MarineMax Boats Marinemax represented that the boat was new and they were the largest new boat dealer in North America (Marinemax Miami).

The boat had a life threatening fuel leak and a carbon monoxide alarm that went constantly off. Marinemax sent what they call their certified technicians thirteen times to fix it for almost two years. They dragged their feet for every new appointment, cancelling a couple of times on the same day and hour of the appointment saying that the part had not arrived yet or that they ordered the wrong parts. Marinemax refused to change the boat or give me the money back for almost two years when the boat was unusable and also was aware I had two small kids that used the boat with us. They told me several times the boat was fixed and this wasn’t the case, even having to change the generator once.

Marinemax new I had loss of use and the fact that boats depreciate as time goes by but would not offer me a return, with my money trapped in that boat and not being able to buy a new one. 

Marinemax refused to accept the boat’s return using their own invoice as an excuse, please read their terms carefully before buying from them. As you can see, although the boat was new you sign an invoice in which you recognize the SELLER SELLS THE BOAT AS IS AND SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTIES.

I spent 240.000 USD for the boat + 175.000 USD to date in expenses and lawyers.

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